LYTP Series Asphalt Paver

LYTP series asphalt paver is an road construction machine which is used for paving basic asphalt pavement. LYTP asphalt paver is featured by good stability in low-speed paving, even material feeding, high preloading compactness, good pavement evenness, and easy operation. The machine adopts computer control and the telescopic screed with single vibrating tamper; the material level is controlled by ultrasonic sensing technique. Easy control and excellent performance make it an ideal machine for road pavement.

1 Reliable hydraulic drive system
The travel, feed and material distribution system all adopt hydraulic drive, featuring good bearing capacity, high drive efficiency, and convenient control. The plunger pump and motor all adopt products of America Sauer brand, and all the elements all adopt products of famous brands to ensure the reliability.
2 Efficient control system
It adopts mechanical-electric-hydraulic integrated control technology, featuring high level of automation, control accuracy and reliability.
3 Efficient feed/ material distribution system
The feed system and distribution system are independent and they can be controlled separately.
4 Advanced screed technology
Hydraulic stepless extension/withdrawal, applicable to the work condition of widened road. Unique frame design, and good overall rigidness of the screed.
5 Excellent performance, wide application
Quick site transfer and paving speed, applicable to the construction of municipal highway and country road as well as the maintenance operation of expressway and various kinds of highways. With small minimum paving width, it is applicable to the construction work of streets for residential areas and scenic spots.

Product parameter

Model LYTP451 LYTP602 LYTP952 LYTP1356
Item Unit
Basic paving width m 2 2.5 3 2.5
Max. paving width m 4.5 6 9.5 12
Max. paving thickness mm 150 380 350 350
Paving speed m/min 0~13 0~14 0~16.5 0~18
Travel speed km/h 0~13 0~3 0~2 0~3.6
Productivity t/h 240 400 700 800
Hopper Capacity t 12 13 14 14
Gradeability % 20 20 20 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m 3 3 ≤3 ≤2
Compactness % ≥80 ≥80 ≥90 ≥90
Levelling accuracy % ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03
Center crown ratio % 0~+3 0~+3 -1~+4 -1~+4
Fuel tank capacity L 130 230 270 300
Machine weight t 10.5 15.8~21.5 21.3~28.8 23.5~32
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 5690*2070*3590 6230*2500*3855 6790*2600*3950 6402*2656*3880
Screed heating / Gas heating Electric heating Gas heating Gas heating
Conveyor and
auger control
/ Automatic control by ultrasonic sensors
levelling control
/ Simulation control
Screed / / / / /
Screed type / Vibration Dual-vibration, ecentric vibrating
Extension / Hydraulic control Mechanic control
Width m 2.0~4.5 2.5~6.0 3.0~9.5 2.5~12
Hz 0~42 0~56 0~40 0~42


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