G9138 Grader

G9138 is a high-speed, high efficiency, high precision and versatile product developed by LY after full investigation of market demands, which can complete the ground leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow discharge, loosing, compaction, material distribution, mixing, etc., and is widely used in highways, airports, defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction, farmland improvement and other construction conditions.

1、Rear drive axle: it uses the large speed ratio heavy drive axle to meet the low-speed finishing requirements, and is equipped with the No-spin limited-slip differential to greatly improve the dynamics and trafficability of the whole machine; the heavy roller chain drive balancing box can swing by ± 15 °, to ensure that that middle and rear wheels touch the ground at the same time to significantly increase the overall traction and flatness of the blade operation.
2、Circle turn system: it uses a dual cylinder + circle turn valve structure, so that the dual drive gear is in engaged drive with the rotary gear ring;therefore, there are more meshing teeth quantity, low teeth stress and small abrasion; the cylinder has high efficiency, and the blade is circle turn under loads, so that it has high operation precision and high reliability.
3、Moveable blade control system: it is connected to the ear plate with the front frame through the composite bearing, so it has high impact resistance, wear resistance, low friction coefficient and high reliability; the moving part applies the imported lubrication-free and maintenance-free composite bearing and high reliability;
4、Gearbox: it is equipped with a YD13 power shift gearbox, which can change the speed in six-forward and three-reverse to adapt to the complex conditions.
5、Braking system: the standard single-loop fully hydraulic braking system,brake valve,charge valve and other key elements apply the mico products, which is safe and reliable, and the dual-loop fully hydraulic braking system moduleis optional.
6、Frame: The front frame is in a box-type frame structure, so it has high strength and high reliability; the rear frame is in a frame structure made by welding of the box-type beam, and the attachment device is easy to assemble so it has high reliability.

It is equipped with a Weichai engine, which is in good match with the advance YD13 gearbox to achieve optimum performance and fuel efficiency, so it is energy-saving and efficient.

1、Instrument panel: it uses the digital stepping instrument panel, so it has high man-machine interaction and easy detection and maintenance.
2、Multi-way valve: the multi-way valve is arranged in front of the cab, which is easy to maintain.

Product parameter

Item Specifications
Overall working weight 12100kg
Min. turning radius 6.5 m
Max. tractive force (f=0.9) 75.4 kN
Max. speed(forward/reverse) 34/24 km/h
Cutter size  3048×565×16 mm
LxWxH 8120×2410×3200 mm


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