7-Ton Wheel Loader

LG978 is a luxury and comfortable loader for loading and unloading heavy-load materials, with large breakout force, comfortable operation condition, high operating efficiency and is widely used in building site, mining, wharf and etc.

1. Low-speed and large-torque engine meeting the requirement of China II emission standard is provided, with strong power, low noise, reliable performance, horizontally-mounted air filter and is convenient for repair and maintenance.
2. SDLG specially-imported HT220 axis-fixed electric-liquid shift transmission case is used, with four front gear positions and four rear gear positions and is flexible and high efficient; SDLG reinforced drive axle is configured. Full hydraulic travel braking system is used, with stable and reliable braking property and is convenient for repair and maintenance.
3. It is equipped with boxed independent radiating and cooling system of SDLG patent and hydraulic motor-driven fan. The fan speed can be automatically adjusted as per the system temperature, which provides the system with reliable energy saving property and high cooling efficiency.
4. The entire machine uses special NVH technique of SDLG and three-stage damping system, new luxury mechanically-suspended seat, better damping performance, which makes it comfort to operate for driver.
5. FOPS/ROPS cab is equipped, which has wide vision, large operation space, fully-covered cab internal trimmings, good sealing performance, low interior noise, interior and exterior circulated air conditioning and is safe and comfortable.
6. The self-developed digitized combination dashboard of SDLG is adopted, which ensures high human-machine interaction; the centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of entire machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance and high reliability of electrical apparatus element.
7. Load-sensing full hydraulic steering system is used, with light and quick steering and reliable energy saving properties; Pilot-control working device hydraulic system is used, with high operating efficiency and is light and easy to operate; Hydraulic pipeline is double sealed, with high reliability.
8. It is provided with fully new generation of boxed frame and reasonable load distribution. Steering soft limit is provided to reduce impact. The overall fatigue life is up to 8,000h; The hanging is a tapered roller bearing and oscillating bearing composite structure, which makes it more suitable for bad operating condition.

Product parameter

Item Specifications
Operating weight 23640~23690Kg
Bucket capacity 3.5~6.0m³
Rated load 7000Kg
Max.breakout force 216KN
Max.dumping height(E) 3252~3600mm
Dumping distance(G) 1194~1242mm
Length×Width×Height 9213× 3320× 3665
Max.tractive force 216KN
Max.climbing angle(H) 28°
Total time ≤11s
Steering angel(O) 38°
Tipping load 145KN
Rated power 226kW

Wheel Loader

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